Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dairy Free Whip: Fruit Dip

So thank you again to Pinterest I had an option for whip cream even though I am now dairy-free. I had been putting off trying it until I was really craving whip cream. We were going to BBQ with some friends and I was told to bring a side, I really wanted to bring a lot of fruit and something to dip it in so I called my hubby {since I was not home} I told him to take the full-fat can of coconut milk out of the pantry, open it and cover with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge. He did it, a few hours later I pulled it out and took just the hard top layer and put it in a bowl with a little stevia and vanilla. I got my hand mixer out and started to whip... It turned out to not make very much, I would probably do two cans next time but it was perfect coconut cream!! It was not exactly like whip cream but when the fruit was dipped in it it was really hard to tell the difference! Guilt free fruit and cream dip! Delish! I took the coconut water that was left on the bottom and used it in my morning smoothie, it was wonderful and it's full of electrolytes, remember that instead of sugary gatorade next time you're sick! Anyways, sorry to go off course but try this, it's so awesome!

**In case you can't see, I used strawberries, nectarine, oranges, banana and kiwi. My faves were the nectarines and strawberries, I ate so many!

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